Hamilton Rural Fire District's Mission Statement

"To provide the best possible fire protection to all the residents of the Hamilton Rural Fire District at the lowest possible cost"

Hamilton Rural Fire District mission is and always has been to be one of the best trained and professional volunteer fire departments in the State of Montana. The challenge in that endeavor is maintaining that level of expertise with ever-increasing budget constraints. The Hamilton Rural Fire District proudly carries an ISO rating of 5 with the insurance industry; one of the best of any volunteer departments in the state. As Hamilton Rural Fire District strives to maintain our insurance rating and be the best, we must continue to train extensively. Our volunteers are committed to that training, bringing to every fire the ability to attack fires aggressively, staying within the bounds of safety, and stopping any further damage from the time we arrive on the scene. Hamilton Rural Fire District will continue to be committed to our community bringing the best trained, aggressive and professional fire fighters to every scene with the intention of saving taxpayer's money either through reduced property insurance rates or reduction in property damage.

Emergencies Dial 911